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AZYLYV-DS Syrup For Liver (200 ML) – (Pack of 03)

AZYLYV-DS Syrup Detoxify the Liver and Maintain healthy function of the liver, Improve digestion and appetite. AZYLYV-DS Syrup helps in preventing the Liver related common issue like - Fatty Liver, Liver cirrhosis, and helps in maintaining healthy and glowing Dog-Coat and improves the immune system and Metabolism naturally.

Himalaya Digyton Plus Syrup For Dogs (100 ML) – (Pack of 02)

  • Dill Oil Eliminates Gas Formation.
  • Digestion of your pet woulr be better after taking this.
  • Cardamom (Ela) Relieves Stomach Bloating.
  • It possesses antibacterial,
  • anti-spasmodic and bowel regulating properties.

Himalaya Digyton Drops (30 ML) – (Pack of 03)

  • Digestive Supplement For Dogs
  • Prescribed To Ease Common GI Disorders
  • To Be Prescribed By A Vet Only
  • Keep Your Dog Healthy

Himalaya Liv.52 Liver Support Supplement For Dog (200 ML) – (Pack of 02)

  • Indications include anorexia,
  • Hepatic damage and dysfunction.
  • Also, jaundice,
  • ascites and toxicity (including pesticides and drugs).
  • Helps manage viral hepatitis in both cats and dogs,
  • distemper and parvovir . Growth promoter and metabolic stimulant.

Mankind Pet Hepamust Herbal Liver Supplement For Dogs (200 ML) – (Pack of 02)

  • Promotes healty skin and hair.
  • Provides relief from liver disorders.
  • Helps cure anorexia and debility.

Intas Dog Livo Tas Herbal Liver Tonic Syrups (200 ML) – (Pack of 02)

  • Augments healthy living and general performance
  • Improve overall performance in debility, post-deworming and convalescence period
  • Aids restoration of liver health and normal functionality
  • As a Supportive Tonic in management of important viral or bacterial infections