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AZYLYV-DS Syrup For Liver (200 ML) – (Pack of 03)

AZYLYV-DS Syrup Detoxify the Liver and Maintain healthy function of the liver, Improve digestion and appetite. AZYLYV-DS Syrup helps in preventing the Liver related common issue like - Fatty Liver, Liver cirrhosis, and helps in maintaining healthy and glowing Dog-Coat and improves the immune system and Metabolism naturally.

LivoFurb Liver Tonic For Dogs (200 ML) – (Pack of 02)

  • Enriched With Milk Thistle.
  • Increases Appetite.
  • Prevents Liver Cirrhosis.
  • Improves Weak Digestion.
  • Improves Suppressed Diet.

Himalaya Digyton Drops (30 ML) – (Pack of 03)

  • Digestive Supplement For Dogs
  • Prescribed To Ease Common GI Disorders
  • To Be Prescribed By A Vet Only
  • Keep Your Dog Healthy

Himalaya Digyton Plus Syrup For Dogs (100 ML) – (Pack of 02)

  • Dill Oil Eliminates Gas Formation.
  • Digestion of your pet woulr be better after taking this.
  • Cardamom (Ela) Relieves Stomach Bloating.
  • It possesses antibacterial,
  • anti-spasmodic and bowel regulating properties.

Appetight Digestion Syrup For Dogs (200 ML) – (Pack of 02)

  • Digestive Supplement For Dogs
  • Prescribed To Ease Common GI Disorders
  • For Gas, Bloating & Gripping Of Bowels
  • Keep Your Dog Healthy

Appetight Digestion Drops For Puppies (30 ML) – (Pack of 04)

When a pet suffers from gas, bloating, or gripping of the bowels, which leads to the condition of indigestion. To overcome this It has come up with effective carminative drops for your lovable pets. Made from the ideal components, it can be used on daily basis. The daily use of drops promotes the digestion of your dog and improves overall health. For easy use, the pack comes with a dropper for feeding.

Himalaya Liv.52 Liver Support Supplement For Dog (200 ML) – (Pack of 02)

  • Indications include anorexia,
  • Hepatic damage and dysfunction.
  • Also, jaundice,
  • ascites and toxicity (including pesticides and drugs).
  • Helps manage viral hepatitis in both cats and dogs,
  • distemper and parvovir . Growth promoter and metabolic stimulant.

Intas Dog Livo Tas Herbal Liver Tonic Syrups (200 ML) – (Pack of 02)

  • Augments healthy living and general performance
  • Improve overall performance in debility, post-deworming and convalescence period
  • Aids restoration of liver health and normal functionality
  • As a Supportive Tonic in management of important viral or bacterial infections

Mankind Pet Hepamust Herbal Liver Supplement For Dogs (200 ML) – (Pack of 02)

  • Promotes healty skin and hair.
  • Provides relief from liver disorders.
  • Helps cure anorexia and debility.