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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Customized Diet/Wellness/Grooming Plan?
We believe a Dog shall be an asset for the family, to have quality time and make cherish able memories to be fondly remembered forever.

That is only possible if the Pet is absolutely fit and enjoying his life. We have experienced that in case of Pets, prevention is always better than cure. Following a Customized Plan for your Pet shall be of great help in attaining this goal.
2. How do I trust the efficacy of a Customized Plan from Team Dogomart?

Our team of experts is backed by an Expertise of 25 plus years, and the brain behind is none other than Baadal Bhandaari- Highly acclaimed YouTuber in the sphere of Dogs. He is a Behaviorist,Psychologist & Breeder with an extensive experience of serving Lacs of Clients worldwide along with his capable Team, rigorously trained to provide you with the best in class service standards. With an average rating of 4.9 plus in consultations and an extremely high recovery rate, our online consultations are most sought after.

3. What all is included in Dogomart's customized online consultation?

You shall be receiving a Voice Phone Call from our Team of Experts, who would be discussing everything regarding your Darling Pet for 15 to 20 minutes.
Additionally you will have WhatsApp Support for full four weeks for any assistance regarding your Pet.

4. What can we expect after consultation with Baadal Bhandaari or his Team?

Once your session with the team is complete, we’ll share a post-consultation kit with you, which will include all the Healthcare records, Recommendations, Diet & Grooming Plans for your reference.

5. What all Dog Breeds do Dogomart experts treat?

Our Team of Experts is highly trained to treat any kind of Dog breed, ranging from Toy Breeds to Mastiff Breeds.

6. Does my dog need to be around during the consultation?

Yes, it is recommended to keep the dog available in the same room and be ready to help the experts examine visually if needed. Although, you'll be asked to share the video and Image of your dog before the consultation begins for better examination.

7. I have a minor query to ask the experts. Do I still have to book a consultation?

Yes. Minor issues can often be a precursor to a deeper problem. Our experts will help you deal with them appropriately.

8. Is online consulting with Experts sufficient?

For sure!
Consulting with our team of experts online is quite sufficient as more than 90% of the issues can be addressed over an online consultation by sharing photos and videos of the issues.
However, in case of any medical emergency, we would highly recommend you to take your dog to the nearest Vet’s clinic for physical examination.

9. Can I talk to experts for Free?

We believe everyone deserves to be fairly compensated for their hard work. Our team of experts work really hard to provide instant consultations for your dog and help to address each and every problem you're concerned about. Due to this reason, we do not offer free consultations. But if you're our regular buyer, you can win a Free Consultation coupon anytime. Good Luck!!

10. Do you offer your consultation service outside India?

Yes we do.
As it's a purely online consultation, we can render our services to anyone anywhere in the World, taking advantages of the technology.

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