Legacy of 25+ Years.

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It all started in the year 1997 when the first-ever Dog… a boy named Roger… an awesome German Shepherd was adopted by him.
And to accompany him, a German Shepherd girl was introduced a few months later, and she was named Barbie.

And then Nature played her part, and the first-ever litter was born in 1998. The atmosphere experienced during the rearing of newborns just touched his heart, and year on year… The Legend was created, and we all know him as Baadal Bhandaari…
highly acclaimed YouTuber today in the sphere of Dogs.
He is a World-renowned Behaviorist, Psychologist & Breeder for Dogs.
Having served thousands of satisfied clients worldwide, including several celebrities and politicians.
The Brand has Excellence in Behavior Management, Psychology Readings & Breeding of Dogs, setting new standards from time to time.

Here we welcome every Fur Baby Parent or would-be Parent to the exciting world of Baadal Bhandari’s Pet Stores INC.